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Mychoice Distributors is our first step to make your more beautiful, hear-after no more roaming the markets for buying your favorite beauty products because #MCD is one stop wholesale solutions for all your costume, makeup, beauty, skin care needs here in Tumkur, Karnakata which is just 70km away from center of India's high-tech industry Bengaluru.

At #MCD, we are committed to the vertical integration of quality control and 100% authenticity of all product offerings to build and retain consumer trust and confidence. We examine all exterior packaging and expiration dates of beauty products on receipt of products and prior to shipping to customers.

Our Product


Premium Quality Deodorants

Moods Deo

True desire is not just about expression and self – fulfilment, but also about offering closeness. MOODS promises memorable moments that are exciting, satisfying and all about showing that you respect and care for your partner.

One tablet to keep you safe from dengue

MC Replate

MC-Replate is a formulation of Tablets containing papaya (Carica papaya) leaf extract. Each Mc-Replate tablet contains 1100 mg of Carica papaya leaf extract The extract in Mc-Replate is found to be useful in increasing the platelet count.

Balance Energy Drink

MCD Powerzal

Insant Enegry, Sustained Energy, Caffeeinre Free, Preservative Free, 5 Vital Electolytes